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Welcome to Advocates for Israel Website. We are dedicated to strengthening support for Israel by ensuring that the public receives accurate and truthful information.

We are composed of volunteer activists. This website warehouses the information, programs, and organizational manuals that enhance our fx trading volunteer’s impact. Our talented volunteers are of various religious and political beliefs. We have in common the desire for a strong and safe homeland for the Jewish people in the State of Israel.

We hope that in our lifetimes these efforts will no longer be necessary.  Unfortunately as realists confronting an enemy dedicated to destruction of the Jewish state, we recognize that our children and grandchildren may be carrying on the work we have begun. Although Israel has historically been victorious on the battlefields, Israel's enemies have successfully engaged in a vicious information war that has resulted in diminished Western support.  Until recently the lies and counter-historical “narratives” were not rebutted in an organized fashion, leaving a fictional account of the Middle Eastern conflict to spread and gain adherents.  Many recognize that Israel's reputation has suffered serious damage. Few have taken up the cause to reverse this threatening reality.  

AFI’s primary function is to organize and equip volunteers with the tools and methods necessary to expose the sophisticated propaganda system eroding support for Israel among the well-meaning peoples of the world. The best antidote to the poison of lies is to bring forward the truth. Propaganda can be countered effectively with a steady and consistent effort that brings facts to light. We believe there is nothing more essential to restoring international support for Israel than  to present truthful information whenever and wherever public opinion is formed.

We hope you will benefit from your visit to our website and join in our effort.  Following our Home Page, we elaborate on our mission and goals. First, we invite you to view 5,000 years of the Imperial History of the Middle East in 90 seconds. Click on Play

Photos: Dr. Ivan Lang