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About Us

Advocates for Israel (AFI) is a 501c3 tax exempt corporation headquartered in Oregon.  We are a chapter-based organization relying on passionate volunteers to execute our mission.

AFI’s mission is to strengthen support for Israel by ensuring the public has factual information.  Our purpose is to stimulate and increase the impact of Israel advocacy in our local communities.    

Our roots emanate from Ashland, Oregon, where a group of individuals, first led by Gerry Mandel in 2004 organized to better educate themselves and the public about Israel.   Gerry made aliyah.  In 2006, Gary Acheatel a financial advisor and past Senior Vice President for Morgan Stanley,  determined that the alarming local Southern Oregon public relations issues were in fact pervasive throughout the entire United States. He decided to leverage up their local experiences and encourage advocacy elsewhere as well.  Allen Drescher, also an AFI board member, attorney and retired judge, guided AFI through incorporation and IRS approved tax-exempt status.

The pro-Israel community is failing in any comprehensive way to counter Israel’s enemies. A frightening mixture consisting of a determined, well-financed enemy inserting a strictly Arab narrative on the Western public, combined with a complacent Jewish community and too few Diaspora Zionist activists, is costing Israel vital support. 

AFI learns from and uses the vast material that makes Israel’s case, and which is produced mostly by other advocacy groups, many of whom are showcased on this site.  The content is usable and is presented in a variety of formats, from books and essays to videos and speakers. It covers a broad spectrum and is produced by phenomenal organizations with dedicated staff and donors.  Israel’s poor public relations issue exists because this valuable material fails to reach the critical target audience it is intended for, the general public.  It is for this purpose that we are building an army of Israel advocates. We view ourselves as the distribution solution whose job is to find the means of getting this valuable content absorbed by the public.  We are proud to align with our fellow advocacy groups and urge the public’s support of their efforts in all ways possible. All our work together is vital to Israel’s existence.

AFI is becoming the hub of an eventual large wheel of volunteers. Our role is to provide efficiency. We desire to assist talented people throughout the country to maximize the impact of their efforts by:

  • Assembling and warehousing educational material and effective programs,
  • Forging strategic relationships with like-minded groups and individuals,
  • Providing organizational assistance for new chapter formation, and
  • Creating and maintaining systems of communication between advocates.

Israel’s enemies have widened the war from the Middle East to the rest of the world. What they have failed to do on the ground in Israel, they hope to accomplish here.  Their purpose is to eventually cut Israel’s supply line of support.  We are late to this battlefield, and given the enemy’s determination and resources, it will require an army for us to win.  An army requires organization, strategy, material, and capable, courageous people. 

People such as you perusing this site have valuable skills that allow you to thrive in our complicated society. As Israel’s valiant citizens fight with their blood and souls, so must we Zionists living in the Diaspora do our part in the war for hearts and minds of the Western public.

The post-Diaspora Zionist community possesses all that we need to win this war around the globe.  The key to snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is you becoming us.