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Southern Oregon

We are an all volunteer group of activists. We began in 2004 when a few of us realized we were unprepared to respond to pro-Palestinian propaganda. We evolved quickly from an education-oriented group to an activist-oriented organization.

We adopted some of the tactics of activists elsewhere and developed new activities of our own. Our goal is to increase support for Israel by ensuring the public has accurate information.
We consider ourselves both proactive and reactive.

Examples of our proactive activities are:

  • Challenge for Peace: A PowerPoint presentation we give to churches, schools, and other civic groups.
  • Documentary films with Q&A at the university, churches, synagogues and local access TV.
  • Notable speakers whom we arrange to be interviewed for radio and newspapers in addition to their presentations to the public.
  • Israel Independence Day celebrations and pro-Israel rallies in conjunction with synagogues and the public.
  • Four Rabbis: An evening dedicated to hearing Israel’s importance to our local rabbis who share the stage/ bima together.
  • Provide open discussion opportunities where all individuals are invited to speak their minds on the conflict.

Examples of reactive activities:

  • Media Watch Team: We monitor and react to the local media and respond to editorials and published letters to the editors. We did a scientific 6 month study which clearly proved the local newspaper’s bias and achieved a positive change in attitude from the paper’s publishers.
  • Attending pro-Palestinian presentations, challenging their speakers with factual information, and providing our literature when appropriate.
  • We successfully provided the missing context to the play “My Name is Rachel Corrie” by working with the theater owners.

We are loosely organized around a “champion” concept.  Frustrated by inactivity and unending conversation around organizational details, we felt we could get more done by individuals “championing” pet projects.  This then attracts other volunteers who help with execution of these projects.

From humble beginnings where almost no one was responding to vicious propaganda against Isreal, we are realizing our goals and simultaneously enjoying more activists joining our cause.

Contact: Gary Acheatel  

PHoto: Grahm Lewis