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PJME: The Davis Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East

Davis ,California

PJME is an interfaith forum to promote security, peace, democracy, freedom of religion, human dignity and civil rights in the Middle East. This grassroots organization was launched in January 2009 as a result of growing vitriol against Israel and Jews, as manifested by the storming of the Davis City Council by some 75 Muslim students after the Dec/Jan. 08-09 Gaza war. A core group began mobilizing prior to that, especially after the summer 2006 war at the Lebanese border. We are mostly Jews with a few Christians. We have a newly created web site at

To date we have presented and engaged in the following:

  • February 2007, Walid Shoebat brought to speak at UC Davis' Freeborn Hall to a sell-out crowd of 1200;

  • October 2008, Nonie Darwish spoke at UC Davis to a crowd of about 200;

  • December 2008 community park candlelight vigil to honor victims of Mumbai massacre and memorialize the purposeful targeting of Jews and Chabad;

  • January through May/June 2009, successfully fought to defeat an anti-Israel resolution (Gaza war) before the Davis City Council, with numerous hearings before the full council and the city's Human Relations Commission;

  • March 2009, Gary Kenzer of HonestReporting presented a program on media bias and manipulation;

  • January through May 2010, successfully defeated a "Boycott Israel" drive at our Davis Food Co-op and had pro-Israel candidate elected to the Co-op Board of Directors;

  • January 2010 brought a panel "Local Israelis Speak Out" to the local Davis Methodist Church to counter anti-Israel programs being presented at that church;

  • Media Central's head, Aryeh Green, spoke at UC Davis in March 2010 on civil rights and co-existence in Israel and the Palestinian territories;

  • Active letter writing and op-ed editorials to our local Davis Enterprise, which publishes with increasing intensity far left- wing views on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

For further information, please send email to