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The Committee for Truth and Justice

Milwaukee ,Wisconsin

The Committee for Truth and Justice ( CTJ) was formed in October, 2007, for the purpose of pro-Israel advocacy and education in the Milwaukee area for Jews and non - Jews. Additionally, prior to its formation, several of its members had already been at the forefront of such activism (See: The Jewish Press, "Extraordinayr Jews" by Caroline B. Glick).

Their enterprises include:

  • Bringing pro-Israel speakers to Milwaukee , such as Nonie Darwish (founder, Arabs for Israel, spoke at local university and to community , heard by approx 300 people)
  • Cookie Lommel (Founder, Operation Unity, bringing inner - city youth to experience life on kibbutz), spoke at Black-Jewish Seder sponsored by American Jewish Committee, interviewed on local public television show, "Black Nouveau," and in African - American community newspaper.
  • Joseph Abdel- Wahed (JIMENA, Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) gave two public speeches with excerpts from JIMENA documentary, "The Forgotten Refugees."
  • Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist, spoke at local university to overflow crowd of approx 6oo, also interviewed in newspapers , and on radio talk shows, reaching thousands with pro-Israel message).
  • Robert Spencer, "Jihad Watch," spoke at local university, heard by approx. 100. Caroline B. Glick, Deputy Managing Editor, "Jerusalem Post," spoke at Jewish Community Center, audience of approx. 100.

Most speakers received pre-or post speech coverage in 'The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle,' and were co-sponsored with CTJ by other local organizations, primarily The Conservative Union student group at UW-Milwaukee. CTJ also fund-raises through private donations to cover all costs.

Additional CTJ activities include: Presentations of education talks and Power Point programs, ranging from "How to Advocate for Israe." to "Is The Arab-Israel Conflict About Land?'" given to various public adult education groups.

Presenting documentary films: "Obsession," "Relentless," one in conjunction with a representative from Honest Reporting, who moderated Q and A following the screening.
Letter-writing: CTJ members have had numerous letters-to-the-editor, printed in such publications as "The Milwaukee Journal / Sentinel," "The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle," "Investor's Business Daily," and "Vanity Fair."
Newsletter: our hard-hitting, informative e-mail newsletter, "Am Israel Chai," reaches 1900 readers.
CTJ has approximately 45 members at present, and is growing. The challenges of Israel advocacy are daunting, but with ruach (spirit), hope and heart, we hope to continue to make a positive difference for Israel in our community and in Wisonsin.