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& Chapter Start-up

Grass roots activism is a fundamental premise of Advocates for Israel. We believe Israel’s greatest assets for advocacy are the intellectual capital, skills, and talents of passionate supporters in our local communities.  In addition, there already exists powerful material that makes Israel’s case, created by various advocacy groups represented on this site.  

We are all busy in our daily lives, but it is necessary that many get involved in countering the vicious propaganda that diminishes support for Israel.

Advocates for Israel believes regional chapters/affiliates using existing valuable material and effective programs can be the most efficient way to make an impact. The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented; it simply needs to be duplicated.

A relative few people organized as a local group can easily execute powerful advocacy initiatives that are effective in shaping public opinion.  The regional chapter/affiliate becomes the organizational vehicle that shapes reasonable  local goals and delegates the workload among its volunteers and interfaces with other regional advocacy groups. They might become their community’s focal point on Israel-related matters.

AFI strongly encourages intra-communication between all the regional groups to share best practices with each other.

We can assist you in creating a local chapter. We recommend our “tested template,” or we can adapt to  unique situations thereby creating new templates when proven effective.  Our desire is to assist you in quickly and efficiently  organizing your group and commence executing advocacy initiatives.  

We can offer assistance in the following areas:  

Regardless of the size of your group,  if you are interested in strengthening support for Israel by ensuring the public has accurate information, we are interested in talking to you.

Please contact us : Provide name, phone, and best times to call.

Existing Groups:

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