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Great Essays Collections

  • Myths and Facts: A terrific collection of essays with an easy to search feature on numerous topics including:
    Palestinians, Palestine, Mandate, Middle East, Terror, Terrorism, Arab-Israeli Conflict, UN Resolutions 181, 242, 338, Reply, Territories, Jerusalem, Incitement, Children, Human Rights, Freedom of Religion.
  • Myths & Facts Online
    A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Not to be confused with the above.)
    An vast educational resource. On line collection of essays dedicated to educate readers about the Arab-Israeli conflict and to debunk myths perpetrated by those who wished to rewrite history to suit their own purposes. Myths about the Middle East did not originate in the 1950's, nor have they ceased to be promulgated. The tumultuous events in the region seem to be consistently accompanied by all new distortions of the facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict. This version has the advantage of being hyperlinked to the vast resources available in the Jewish Virtual Library and is constantly updated as new events occur.
  • Israel Unity Coalition: Collection of essays by topics (Sign up to receive daily articles.)
  • Daily Alert: Collection of daily news and thinktank analysis (Sing up to receive daily articles.)
  • Flame: Collection of their messages:
  • Milwaukee Committee for Truce and Justice newsletter. (Waiting for link info)
  • Academics Against Israel and the Jews - Manfred Gerstenfeld, ed. (Institute for Global Jewish Affairs)
    Essays by 20 authors on anti-Israel activities on campuses worldwide. The entire 262-page book is now available for downloading without charge.