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The following links are organized to help you learn more about Israel and the Middle East. Click on the headings below to jump to a specific group of links.
Media Related
Educational Resources
Human Rights Organizations
Anti-Israel Monitors
Israel Advocacy

Israeli Government sources

We thank The Israel Project for providing us this information.

Media Related

  • Behind the News in Israel (, Presents news items and analyses that are not seen in the standard mainstream electronic or print media. (Contact:
  • CAMERA (, The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America works to foster sound reporting, while educating news consumers about Middle East issues and the critical role of the media. (Contact)
  • European Jewish Press ( The sole Jewish news and information agency in Europe. (Contact)
  • EyeonthePost ( A DC area media watch group which monitors the Washington Post's coverage of Israel.
  • Honest Reporting (, Promotes fair and balanced reporting of Israel in the international media. (Contact:
  • Jewish Media Resources (, A media organization dedicated to furthering an understanding of Torah Judaism by working with foreign journalists stationed in Israel and with local journalists, providing access to leading figures within the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. (Contact)
  • MEMRI (, The Middle East Media Research Institute bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East. (Contact:
  • Our Jerusalem (, Today's top news stories from Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish world. (Contact:
  • ReVista de Medio Oriente ( Countering bias against Israel in the Spanish language media (Contact)
  • The Media Line (, Offers media organizations multi-faceted assistance in understanding Israel and the Middle East. (Contact:
  • United Jerusalem ( Combating inaccuracies about Israel and fighting the bias in the media. (Contact:

Educational Resources on Israel and the Middle East 

Human Rights Organizations in Israel 

Think Tanks, Commentary, Opinion on the Situation in the Middle East 

  • Ariel Center for Policy Research (, Incisive research and discussion of political and strategic issues concerning Israel and the Jewish people. (Contact:
  • Articles by Daniel Pipes (, The official website of Middle East commentator, Daniel Pipes. Contains his weblog, spoken materials, and extensive biographical materials. (Contact:
  • Center for Security Policy (, An organization promoting international peace through American strength. (Contact:
  • Dayan Center (, The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies seeks to contribute to the study and understanding of the modern history and current affairs of the Middle East and Africa.
  • IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security (, An independent organization dedicated to informing the public about the security needs of the State of Israel, especially vis-a-vis the current peace process.
  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (, An independent institute for policy research. (Contact:
  • Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (, Organized to educate the American public about the importance of an effective U.S. defense capability and to inform the American defense and foreign affairs community about the important role Israel can and does play in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
  • Middle East Forum (, A think tank that works to define and promote American interests in the Middle East. (Contact:
  • Mideast Truth Cartoons (, A collection of political cartoons about the Arab-Israeli conflict. (Contact:
  • PBS Frontline: Battle for the Holyland (, With Israelis and Palestinians in an escalating war, Frontline goes behind the lines and underground to reveal the tactics and strategies that led to the current violence.
  • Political Cartoons (JR) (, A collection of political cartoons about the situation in the Middle East. (contact:
  • Stratfor Strategic Forecasting (, Tracks and analyzes intelligence to concise, fast-reading formats.
  • Terrorism Research Center ( An independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare and security, critical infrastructure protection, homeland security, and other issues of low-intensity political violence and gray-area phenomena. (
  • The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (, A Jerusalem-based think tank focused on "limited government."
  • The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) ( An independent academic institute that studies key issues relating to Israel's national security and Middle East affairs. The Institute is non-partisan, independent, and autonomous in its fields of research and expressed opinions and is an external institute of Tel Aviv University
  • The Intelligence & Terrorism Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC) (, Focuses on issues concerning intelligence and terrorism (Contact: )
  • The Interdisciplinary Center (Counter-Terrorism) (, An Israeli research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism.
  • The Israel Democracy Institute (, An organization devoted to strengthening Israel's democratic institutions and providing a forum for politicians and government officials who are searching for independent, professional partners to examine various ideas and propose practical ways to implement them.
  • The Jewish Political Chronicle (, Brings vital information and insights to members of the U.S. Congress, the Knesset, concerned Americans and influential leaders around the world.
  • Think Israel (, Features essays and commentaries that provide context for current events in Israel in order to make sense of what's going on in the region. (Contact:
  • True Peace (, Dedicated to educating the public regarding the current situation in Israel, based on Torah sources, with special emphasis on the opinion and teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. (Contact:

Terrorism Related 

Hate, Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Monitors


Israel Advocacy and Pro-Israel Organizations 

Israeli Government Sources

  • Communications
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  • Foreign Affairs
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  • Government Press Office: Jerusalem
    Daniel Seaman, Director
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  • Andy Luterman, English News Department
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    Visiting Journalists Department
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    Dr. Fawaz Kamal, Arab Journalists Department
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    Elana Dayan, Photography Department
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    Danielle Harel Greenbaum, Administration
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  • Knesset
    Giorda Pordes
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  • President
    Ayelet Frish, Spokeswoman
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    Ron Ben-Yishai, Adviser
  • Prime Minister's Office
    Miri Eisin, Foreign Press Adviser
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    Asaf Shariv, Media Adviser
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  • Public Security
    Yehoshua Baur, Spokesman
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    Office 3: 02-5308002
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    Beeper: #25156
  • Ra'anan Gissin, Foreign Press Adviser
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    Direct: 02-6705366
  • IDF Spokesperson's Office
    Brig.-Gen. Avi Benayahu, Spokesman
    Office: 03-569-0922
    Office 2: 03-569-0798
    Fax: 03-569-8222